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This hot lady loves to dominate, but often gets bound and dominated!

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Country: USA Rating: 100

Author of this Review: Verni

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-----   Posted by inlust on May, 26 , 2009      

The sexiest woman alive. My exact fantasy lover. Mostly dominant. Mean as could be. No ego. Willing to switch from time to time. Loves tease and denial. Probably loves inflicting and receiving even more pain than we can ever see on the internet.
  Keep it up Natalie!!!!

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-----   Posted by gagman on September, 07 , 2007      

Natali is one of true all-time great models. She is the epitome of what a bondage model should be.

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-----   Posted by Cool1 on March, 30 , 2007      

Natalie Demore is one super-hot porn actress. She has
  chosen the profession wisely. Cheers, and continue to
  keep all your supporting fans eager and happy through-
  out the many joyous years to come ! :)

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